Lasimonne White Pillowcases,Pack of 6, Standard Size, 200 Thread Count Percale, CVC Pillow Cover

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LASIMONNE'S ULTIMATE STANDARD-SIZE WHITE PILLOWCASES 6 PACK Measuring 20’’ x 30’’ provides full coverage from corner to corner and thanks to their quality cotton and polyester material, they are notorious for their breathability and overall quality.


Made from 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester.T-200 Thread Count pillowcases are the ultimate fusion of softness and elegant appearance designed to match the décor of your beautiful home while protecting your pillows and your health for years to come!

The fabric which is used in the pillowcases is wrinkle resistant. Integration of these three potential features together offer strength and thinness to the white standard pillowcases providing extra durability. The white pillows delivers easy to wash functionality which helps in eliminating the stains while causing no shrinkage.

Made of Percale material which is one of the best material for bed linen, you will get hotel quality pillowcases that are lightweight and soft. Enjoy the ease that you can wash these pillowcases. Just wash on cold, and dry on tumble dry, low temperature. They are easy to get the stains out and cause no shrinkage. Great to use in Home, Hotels, Spas, and Physical Therapy Clinics. Awesome for kids projects, to decorate or even embroidery on. You can even use them as chair backs! With its many uses, not just for sleeping, and really low price, this is a bargain you don't want to miss!