Zeroomade Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Embroidery Square Solid Durable Cotton Cushion Cover 18×18 inches Navy Pack of 2

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Product Description

Zeroomade is a new brand registered in 2019, which is devoted to improving customers’ quality of life, cost performance and competitiveness.

High cost performance throw pillow covers give you a pleasant environment.

Our products’ appearance is exquisite designed and products’ quality is strictly controlled.

We use “Embroidery” craft: we sew the colorful cotton thread on cotton fabric as sewing a sweater by chain stitch computerized embroidery machine. Thus all kinds of beautiful pattern come into being.

You can think that our throw pillow covers are double-decked and more durable than dyed throw pillow covers. Fine stitched cotton thread also makes our throw pillow covers meet our requirements for air permeability and touch.

Viewed from the philosophical level: abstraction cannot exist without concrete.

We want to express it in our products. Maybe it's really hard to do, but We see it as the goal of our lifelong struggle.

Zeroomade – Quality casts future


Zeroomade Embroidery Throw Pillow Covers

Zeroomade Throw Pillow Cover – Great decoration to your home

Exquisite embroidery pattern, and contemporary stripes in fresh pastel colors of pink,blue,teal,navy.

High quality Cotton, these cotton pillow covers are much softer and more breathable than normal fabric. Perfect to decorate your home in a fashionable but budget way.

blue&pink pillow covers navy pillow covers grey pillow covers teal pillow covers
Zeroomade Blue&Pink Embroidery Throw Pillow Covers Soft Cotton 18 X 18 inch Zeroomade Navy Blue Embroidery Throw Pillow Covers Soft Cotton 18 X 18 inch Zeroomade Grey Embroidery Throw Pillow Covers Geometric Soft Cotton 18 X 18 inch Zeroomade Teal Embroidery Throw Pillow Covers Soft Cotton 18 X 18 inch
How Much 26.99 26.99 26.99 26.99
Material Cotton Cotton Cotton Cotton
Color Blue&Pink Navy Grey Teal
Embroidery Pattern Selection 5 species 4 species 4 species 4 species
Hidden Zipper Closure
Pillow Insert NO NO NO NO